The Evolution Motor Mount Compensator
Our customers have some nice things to say about the Evolution Marine Shaft System (EMSS).

"It runs ultra smooth. There's no question it eliminates vibration." -- Glenn Holland,  Holland's Boat Shop, Mill Lane, Belfast, Maine

"For the first time in my sailing experiences, it is a pleasure to run the engine. Nothing vibrates, not even the coffee pot." -- Gordon Bok,  Folk Singer, Rockport, MaineOwner of a 32' Triangle S/Y

"I must have done a good job aligning the shaft. We can serve tea on this aft deck." -- Don,  Yard Foreman, Yankee Marine, Yarmouth, Maine

"The Boat is extremely quiet. While cruising, my wife can now use her cellular phone in the aft cabin." -- Dr. Robert Knowles,  Cumberland, Maine

"We are impressed. After measuring the decibels a second time, there are no changes. The readings stand. The decibel differences are outstanding." -- Bill Hudson,  President, Ultra-Sonics Acoustics, Winthrop, Maine

"On Parisen's boat (38' Duffy with a 420-h.p. Lugger diesel), the individual who was going to 'swing' the compass stated he was ready and to start the engine. The engine had been running since he boarded. Need I say more?" -- Roy Lupien, Thomaston, Maine

"If you stand at the mast with engine turning 1,700 to 2,000 r.p.m., you don't know the engine is running" -- Jack Sanford,  Attorney, Camden, Maine

"I agree with my friend, Guy Fisher, who stated, 'I have never been in anything, whether a truck, boat, or construction equipment powered by a diesel engine that was smoother than this boat." -- George Oliver,  Rockaway Point, Long Island, New York

"The boat is running superbly. I never thought she'd be this fast." -- Craig Stephens,  Harpswell, Maine

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